by Raffaele Lauro

After nearly three years from the death of Lucio Dalla (1st March 2012) the accursed heart attack rips Pino Daniele from culture and art (4th January 2015). Two extraordinary artists, authentic, pure and in love with Naples and music. The "Gypsy" from Bologna linked with Sorrento and the "Half-Black Skinned" linked with Maremma belong to the innovative musical current of creativity made out of many influences, with the roots still sunk in the Neapolitan song, the "heart" of the world. Their spiritual harmony is represented by the interpretation of "Caruso", sung by Daniele with the accompaniment of his magical guitar, as a tribute to the memory of Dalla. An interpretation that gives you the chills! Listening to it today helps to understand their similar poetics and worlds of love.

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