An attentive and involved public present in the conference hall of the hydroelectric centre ENEL “Domenico Cimarosa” in Presenzano followed the cultural event organised by the Municipal Administration of Presenzano for the presentation of the third novel of “The Sorrentine Trilogy” by Raffaele Lauro, entitled “Dance The Love - A Star in Vico Equense”, dedicated to the Russian dancer Violetta Elvin, born Prokhorova. The words of welcome opening the event were expressed by the head of the ENEL centre, Ciro Posabella, who hosted the meeting and wanted to highlight the fruitful relationship of collaboration with the municipal Administration of Presenzano. “Our friend, Professor Lauro - said Mayor Andrea Maccarelli - wanted to keep his promise to return among us, which he made last year at the Ducal Palace, to present this beautiful work, which enhances dance, life, love and freedom through the extraordinary events of the main character, Violetta Elvin. Nowhere else, only in Sorrento, in Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi and in Presenzano the three pillars of the narrative trilogy were presented in succession as an act of love of the author to his native land.” Moreover, the Mayor launched a proposal to Lauro to coordinate a publication on Presenzano, entitled “Presenzano in the past, in the present and in the future”, with the help of the speakers of the Youth Forum of Presenzano, led by Vincenzo Intiglia. The debate was moderated by the brilliant journalist, Antonio Migliozzi. Professor Luigia Forgione held a highly cultural and psychological review, in which she identified Lauro’s sources of inspiration present in various spiritual forms, history in ‘Sorrento The Romance’, music in ‘Caruso The Song - Lucio Dalla and Sorrento’ and dance in ‘Dance The Love - A Star in Vico Equense”, and skilfully synthesised the extraordinary artistic and human path of Violetta Elvin, praising the author’s narrative technique inspired by the historical verisimilitude of Alessandro Manzoni, such as in the dialogue between dancer Violetta Elvin and soprano Maria Callas, i.e. between optimism and fatalism. The second speaker, well know poet-journalist Giuseppe Bocchino, wanted to critically identify the narrative balance achieved by Lauro between politics, history, sentiment, erudition and emotions, as well as poetic force present in this novel more than in the previous two novels of the trilogy, as in this novel poetry permeates childhood, youth, maturity and the long life of the protagonist, today at the age of ninety-three. The poetry of a body in motion, the poetry of a renewed life, the poetry of love, the poetry of freedom and the poetry of nature, which appears triumphant from the first until the last page of the novel. “I accept with enthusiasm - concluded Lauro - the proposition of the Mayor, which will allow me to maintain a live emotional relationship with Presenzano and its citizens. This city and its inhabitants brought luck to my trilogy and for this I am particularly grateful to the Mayor and to the city council. The administration of a commune with its small and big everyday problems is not easy. To react with seriousness and commitment to the needs of community without giving up on the attention for culture and spiritual development, especially in terms of new generations, distracted nowadays by digital simplicity and technology, does not appear a secondary task for Andrea Maccarelli.”

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