After the success at the national première in Vico Equense, the Pro Loco “Due Golfi” of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi organises, as part of the 16th edition of the “Salvatore di Giacomo Award”, with the patronage of the Municipal Administration of Massa Lubrense, the presentation of the third novel of “The Sorrentine Trilogy” by Raffaele Lauro, “Dance The Love - A Star in Vico Equense”, dedicated to the great Russian dancer, Violetta Elvin, who is closely bonded with Massa Lubrense and will be the Guest of Honour of the evening. The event will take place on Sunday, 28th August 2016 at 8pm in the Hall of the Brotherhood of the Holiest Rosary, in Piazza Sant’Agata in Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi. The event will be introduced and hosted by Donato Iaccarino, the President of the Pro Loco “Due Golfi”. Lorenzo Balducelli, the Mayor of Massa Lubrense, will welcome the guests. Among the speakers: solicitor Giovanna Staiano, publicist Riccardo Piroddi, restaurateur Livia Iaccarino and the President of the Cultural Association “La Fenice”, Nicola Di Martino. Giulio Iaccarino, the Prior of the Brotherhood of the Holiest Rosary of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, will read a few passages from the novel. The event will be concluded by writer Raffaele Lauro. “Massa Lubrense, like Vico Equense – said Lauro – is an archipelago of wonderful places and occupies a significant place in the live of Violetta Elvin and in my novel. For this, I thank the Pro Loco ‘Due Golfi’ for its hospitality within the event of ‘Salvatore Di Giacomo Award’, and the municipal Administration for its Patronage. In particular, the Church of Santa Maria della Neve, Violetta’s beloved place, because at the dawn of a new day her marriage to Fernando Savarese was celebrated in that church, and not surprisingly he now rests in the cemetery of Santa Maria della Neve. The life and love of this great artist are interwoven with one of the the most spectacular locations of Massa Lubrense from a landscape point of view.” For further information on the work visit the dedicated website in Italian and English: www.raffaelelauro.it/dancethelove/

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