On the occasion of the inauguration of the Municipal Open Air Theatre “Hortus Meditationis”, at the Public Library of Cingoli, an event “Together with Lucio Dalla”, open to the citizens of the province of Macerata, dedicated to the great artist from Bologna, and organized by the City Council, will be held on Friday, 14th August 2015, at 9:00pm. The evening will be hosted by Gabriela Lampa. The Mayor of Cingoli, Filippo Saltamartini, will welcome the audience. The event will feature the presentation and the screening of the documentary film by Raffaele Lauro “Lucio Dalla and Sorrento - Places of the Soul” (60’), based on the biographical novel “Caruso The Song - Lucio Dalla and Sorrento”. The event will be followed by the “Concert of Ferragosto 2015”, with the most beautiful songs of Lucio Dalla, performed by the musical group including Giuliano Cardella, guitar and music coordinator; Maurizio Moscatelli, wind instruments; Paolo Della Mora, bass; Michele Lelli, drums; Alberto Lucerne, keyboard instruments; Paolo Moscatelli, violin, and Marco Virgili, singer. At midnight, at Piazzale del Risorgimento: the “Watermelon Feast of Ferragosto”, offered by Coldiretti di Macerata, with the sponsorship of the Varnelli company. The guest of honour at the event will be Raffaele Lauro, who on 13th August will also be present at the Locarno Film Festival for the screening of the anti-gambling film “Living the High Life” by the young director from Apulia, Fabio Leli.

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