The suggestion of the courtyard of the historic Palazzo Caracciolo along with the excellent organization of the event by Banca Credem Division of Financial Advisors has contributed to the success of the event dedicated to Lucio Dalla and Naples: a magical evening. The audience filled all the seats, motivated and involved. They interrupted the speeches on the biographical novel by Raffaele Lauro "Caruso The Song - Lucio Dalla and Sorrento", coordinated by the intelligent and lively direction of journalist Giuliana Gargiulo, several times with thunderous applause. During his welcome speech, Giovanni Gargiulo, Directional Manager of Banca Credem, stressed Banca Credem's focus on "culture and art, the precious heritage of our country, which can and must become a driving force of the economy". Raffaele Aiello, Managing Director of SNAV, reminiscenced the joyful atmosphere of Sorrento after World War II, and the group of young friends, who gathered around the Fauno Notte Club of Franco and Peppino Jannuzzi, joined in 1964 by Lucio Dalla. The speech of the young director, Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo, head of the Social World Film Festival in Vico Equense, had a great emotional impact. By his touching reading of a few pages of the novel, he highlighted "Dalla's love of Naples, which transcended the musical tradition, to identify itself with the very soul of the people of Naples, as it happened in 1995, at a concert at Piazza Plebiscito with Caetano Veloso". In a sensitive analysis, Eugenio D'Andrea, Dalla's solicitor, and probably the closest person to the great artist in everyday friendship and professional relationships, extolled the extraordinary humanity of the singer towards everyone, but said he was also convinced of the existential loneliness of the arist, a sort of 'unhappy consciousness', entirely inaccessible even for the most intimate friend, well hidden behind his clownish character. At the end of the event, Senator Diana De Feo held a discussion on Dalla's childhood and school problems caused by the loss of his father, which he overcome with the discovery of the clarinet, a musical instrument which in terms of motivation became his way out from a difficult condition and sufferance. To conclude, the Author thanked the organizers, speakers and participants, inviting them to the national première of his documentary about Lucio Dalla and Sorrento, entitled "Places of the Soul", to be presented as part of the Social World Film Festival 2015 on 7th July in Vico Equense.  

Vg Canale 21. Napoli. Lucio Dalla a Palazzo Caracciolo. “Caruso The Song”: intervista a Raffaele Lauro


Napoli. Lucio Dalla a Palazzo Caracciolo: “Caruso The Song” di Raffaele Lauro. Foto di Giuseppe Senise.


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