A really exciting and crowded evening dedicated to Lucio Dalla was held by the municipal administration of Cingoli in the "Giuseppe Verdi" hall of the Town Hall, honoured by the suggestive presence of Romolo Forlai, former vibraphonist of "The Flippers" and renowned photographer, and by a musical Band of young talents, who with original arrangements accompanied the voice of Marco Virgili in the most beautiful interpretations of the songs by the great artist from Bologna: including "Canzone", "L’anno che verrà", "Piazza Grande" and "Caruso"! The presentation of the biographical novel by Raffaele Lauro, "Caruso The Song - Lucio Dalla and Sorrento", brilliantly coordinated by Marco Chiatti from "Il Corriere Adriatico", progressed according to a smart script, with alternating moments of debate and musical interludes, interspersed with dozens of large and enthusiastic standing ovations from the audience. The Mayor of Cingoli, Filippo Saltamartini, during his welcome speech wanted to present the figure of Raffaele Lauro as "a Renaissance personality, creative in the true sense of the term, who has managed to pass from prestigious institutional roles to an active presence in the national cultural scene, from novels to cinema". The historian of Italian literature, Gabriela Lampa, hosted a complex "lectio magistralis", with references to Torquato Tasso, Marguerite Yourcenar and Gabriel García Márquez, starting from the exegesis of the title of the novel, up to the examination of the foundations of Dallian poetic, which "Lauro, despite the vast bibliography on the singer, systematized for the first time, attributing a primary role to the artist's bond with Sorrento, starting from the combination of Eros-Thanatos, which binds Dalla with Enrico Caruso and Lauro with Dalla". The hilarious tales of Forlai on the anticonformism of his friend Dalla were intertwined with fulminant Sorrentine anecdotes of the Autor, in a Rossinian crescendo, which entertained and touched the audience. In conclusion, Forlai presented the original exhibition of his photos of young Lucio Dalla, set up in the Coat of Arms Hall. At the end, Mayor Saltamartini announced, that on the evening of 7th August 2015, the outdoor amphitheatre of Cingoli will hold a screening of the documentary film on Lucio Dalla and Sorrento, written, narrated and directed by Lauro, entitled "Places of the Soul", followed by a concert of songs by Lucio Dalla.

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