Lucio Dalla returns to the heart of Naples, a city beloved by him, through the biographical novel by Raffaele Lauro, "Caruso The Song - Lucio Dalla and Sorrento", published by GoldenGate Edizioni. The work of the Sorrentine writer will be presented on Thursday, 21st may at 6pm. in the splendid interiors of Palazzo Caracciolo (via Carbonara, 112), which nowadays house a luxurious hotel, recovered from the residence of the Princes of Caracciolo di Santo Bono and home of Joachim Murat. The event will be introduced by Giovanni Gargiulo, Directional Manager of Banca Credem. It will be hosted by journalist and writer, Giuliana Gargiulo. The speeches will be held by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo, director and manager of the Social World Film Festival, Raffaele Aiello, Managing Director of SNAV and Eugenio D’Andrea, lawyer and attorney of Lucio Dalla. The conclusion of the event will be presented by Diana De Feo, journalist and writer. This cultural event was organized entirely by Banca Credem, Division of Financial Advisors, as homage to the historic concerts held by the great artist in Piazza Plebiscito in 1995 with Caetano Veloso, and at the Collana stadium in 1987 with Pino Daniele; as a tribute to the musical fusion with the melodic tradition of Naples, practised by the singer-songwriter, of which the masterpiece "Caruso" is the most famous expression, and as a reminder of Dalla's walks on Christmas Eve through the alleys of San Gregorio Armeno to buy shepherds destined for the Nativity scenes in his house in Bologna.

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