A great success among the public, emotions and applauses for the presentation of "Caruso The Song - Lucio Dalla and Sorrento" by the Sorrentine Author, Raffaele Lauro, in the Senate at the Palazzo della Minerva. Among the figures present at the event, who celebrated and greatly applauded the Author, were senators, governors, judges, quaestors, chiefs of cabinet, as well as a crowd of friends from Rome and Sorrento. A large picture of Lucio Dalla in the full moon of Li Galli was placed in the Chapter Hall above the speakers stand. Massimo Milone, the Head of RAI Vaticano, introduced the presentation brilliantly, highlighting the fact, that the biographical novel on Dalla is a true novelty in the literature relating to the artist, being rich in entirely new poetic glimpses, enhanced by the special relationship of the artist with the Sorrentine land. Fabrizio d’Esposito, a journalist from Il Fatto Quotidiano, confessed the deep commotion he felt while reading the book, and the excitement of having to talk about many of his childhood friends, also friends of Lucio, whose testimonies delivered to Lauro revealed the extraordinary humanity of the great artist in the relationship with the common people of Sorrento (sailors, fishermen). Franco Massi, Deputy General Secretary of Defence, preferred to illustrate to the attentive audience the human profile of the Author, who despite the institutional offices of high responsibility held in the capital, has never cut off his Sorrentine roots, showing that the man of power can continue to cultivate the feelings, values and sentiments of his origins. The speech of the former Minister Vincenzo Scotti, President of the Link Campus University, was as always of a great cultural value. He emphasized the relationship between musical composition and the environment, which in Sorrento hosted excellent performers, from Wagner to De Curtis or Dalla, and claimed the entire narrative work of Lauro, especially with the Sorrentine Trilogy, which is a credit to the rediscovery of the ancient and recent history of Sorrento, to be passed down to new generations. The conclusions of Angelo Riccardi, Mayor of Manfredonia, had a strong emotional impact, as he said that without the childhood in Manfredonia and without the bond with Sorrento one would not be able to explore the complex personality of Dalla, made also of contradictions and lies, for which the Mystery of Dalla remained largely unresolved. The joyful Roman event was sealed with the words of Giuseppe Cuomo, Mayor of Sorrento, who claimed the credit for Sorrento for having always welcomed Dalla with friendship and hospitality, both as tatterdemalion and as now worldwide artist, and earned the gift of "Caruso", which like "Torna a Surriento", has made the city of Tasso famous in every corner of the earth. Approached by the journalists of TG1, Raffaele Lauro expressed gratitude to all the speakers, to the incisiveness of their words, which honour one of the greatest Italian artists of the postwar period, whose masterpiece "Caruso" is a an Italian stamp worldwide: "I was excited to write this book on Lucio and I get moved every time, while listening to the comments on pages written from the heart, as Lucio Dalla would wish". The complete recording of the event will be published in a few days on the website of the novel (www.carusothesong.com), made available exclusively by the media of the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast. Further presentations of the book will be held in Castellammare di Stabia, Naples, Pescara and in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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