The book, written by Raffaele Lauro with Riccardo Piroddi, gathers, in chronological order, in English version, preceded by Italian version, the interviews released by the author of “Dance The Love - A Star in Vico Equense”, the third and latest novel of “The Sorrentine Trilogy” and the testimonies of the lecturers at cultural events presenting the work of fiction, from July to November 2016: from Vico Equense (July, 27th) to Presenzano (November, 19th). This collection, offered to readers as a 2016 Christmas gift and as a wish for 2017, mean to pay, most of all, a collective tribute to the protagonist of the novel, the great Russian dancer Violetta Elvin, née Prokhorova, and thank the organizers of events and the lecturers for their valuable contribution to reflection on the novel.

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