The GoldenGate Edizioni Publishing House (G.A.D.Co. s.r.l.) and the Author of the Novel, Raffaele Lauro, give special thanks to the initiator and the creator of the website, Mauro Siniscalchi, for the demonstrated genius, creativity and high professionalism.

We want to express feelings of gratitude to those who have contributed directly or indirectly to define the contents, graphics and text of the website: designer Teresa Biagioli and publicist Riccardo Piroddi.

The designer and creator of the website, Mauro Siniscalchi, thanks Amelia Coppola, Luigi Garbo, Rosa Maresca, Gaetano Milone, Franco Romano and Christian Scarpato for the friendly cooperation during the retrieval of images relating to the “Tourist routes”.

For the realization of the trailers: The photos of the video "Sorrento by day" were made ​​available courtesy of Antonino Fattorusso (Sorrentine Tourism Company Archive), Franco Romano, Luigi Garbo and Gaetano Milone.  The photos of the video "Sorrento by night" were made available courtesy of Agostino De Maio (, Franco Romano and Luigi Garbo.

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