By the end of 2015, will be released in bookstores L’Universo Amore by Angela Barba, an essay of literary criticism about the works of fiction of Raffaele Lauro, published by GoldenGate Edizioni of Rome, with the cover of designer Teresa Biagioli, which bears a portrait of the writer, painted in Florence in 1990 by the painter Adriana Pincherle, wife of the painter Onofrio Martinelli and sister of the writer Alberto Moravia. The critical analysis of Angela Barba, Professor of Humanities at the Lyceum "Publio Virgilio Marone" in Meta, will include novels (Roma a due piazze, Edizioni CEI, 1987; Metropolitania, Rusconi Editore, 1991; Il sogno di Pedro, Rusconi Editore, 1993; Il progetto, Lancio Editore, 1997; La crociera, Lancio Editore, 1997; La condanna, Lancio Editore, 1997; Mutus, Lancio Editore, 1998; Quel film mai girato Volume I, GoldenGate Edizioni, 2002; Quel film mai girato Volume II, GoldenGate Edizioni, 2003; Cossiga Suite, GoldenGate Edizioni, 2009; Sorrento The Romance, GoldenGate Edizioni, 2013; Caruso The Song - Lucio Dalla e Sorrento, GoldenGate Edizioni, 2015) and the tragedy in two acts, "The Secrets of stars”, an historical thriller, written in the nineties, on the death of Antinous, the young favorite of the Emperor Hadrian. "I am sincerely flattered - Lauro said - for the attention that an intellectual such Angela Barba, is giving to me and to my works, as well for the title she have chosen for the essay".

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